Saduragiri Hill

In recent times, I read and heared a lot about Saduragiri Malai and was curious to know what's special about this hill. So planned a trip with 3 of my friends named Hari, Subbu and Prasad. We planned this trip a year ago and we waited for the right time to execute the plan. As Hari had claimbed the hill twice already, based on his experience and the information that we collected from our circle as well as web, we finally decided to go there during 'Aadi Ammavasai'. During that period a lakh of people will come over there to have dharshan of the God Sandana Mahalingham and Sundara Mahalingham.

We started our trip from Chennai to SriVilliputhur by Senkottai Express at Egmore railway station. We reached Srivilliputhur next day morning around 7 am. We took an auto to go the town and took room to leave our luggages there. After finishing our breakfast at 'Hotel Dinakaran' where we really had a very tasty breakfast. We really loved the taste of all varies of foods at that hotel and parcelled few for our lunch during our trekking to Sathuragiri hill.

We took an auto from Srivilliputhur to Sathuragiri. We reached the Thaniparai via Krishnan kovil, Vatra.It was an hour travel to reach Thaniparai. Thaniparai is a village and it is the bottom of the hill where we need to start our trekking.
At the uphill a famous old Sivan Temple is there and the god name is "Saintha Mahalingham swamy".

We started at the bottom of the hill around 10.30 am. Weather was somehow good and the hill was filled with lot of trees and plants which keeps the temperature reasonably good enough to claimb the hill. The path was fully filled up with disordered stones of different sizes with big rocks. We find difficulties at the start towards uphill. We crossed the rocks and few places we need to stretch completely to pass through the passage. During our way we met the fellow trekkers as well government staffs as this forest is completely under control of forest department. One of the person asked us to keep the stick which will help you to claimb the hill and will serve us as a protecting stick against monkeys. Here you can see monkeys, elephants and some wild animals too. The hill is the starting point of western ghats from south. Rare varities of herbal plants are present here. This is one of the reason that forest department is protects this place with keen monitoring. Smoking is strictly prohibited here. It is believed that famous Siddars are living here and they may frequenly visits this place who introduced Siddha treatment with herbal plants to the world. As this hill has rich variety of medicianl plants, they used this place as per say.

During our way, we saw monkeys and heard cricket insects sounds. We did not see any wild animals as human presents were there during that particular time. The path we choose was very safe even from wild as they will you different way to cross the mountain. We saw different varies of sands and stones.
Stopped in between to take rest as the hill challenges us. Every 30 minutes of time, used to stop and sit on the rock to regain the energy. Some shops were present over there as it was festival month where you can get water bottles, tea and coffee. Those shops were really useful as they kept something on the hill.

First place to see is Korakkar Cave where Siddha Korakker lived on the earth. Near by a small oak is passed by. During rainy season, hill will be completely wet and water will be logged in between big pits and rocks. But in summer, there is a heavy chance for water scarcity at the mountain. Though we went on summer, we did not feel the heat. Thanks to the tress. Next place to watch is Suyambu Irratai Lingham. We reached this place after two hours of breath taking walking.